Meet The Artists!

Steve is an award-winning artist and filmmaker. His work includes original 3-dimensional characters and sculpture, body painting, murals, special effects makeup, and independent video projects that include music video, commercial, feature film, documentary and corporate image.

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Mixed Media



The process of self discovery, sense of community, and creativity encompass the individuality within her artistry. By practicing consistency within a chaotic subject matter she translates artistic skills in a thorough and meaningful way. Her craft is primarily fine art based, but has a way of pushing the academic standards and stylizes an intriguing version of traditional techniques. She truly believe art brings people together in a wholesome and positive way, and is excited to expand within the art community in Lewisburg.

Pop/Mixed Media Art


Ellen is an Eco-textile artist who reclaims abandoned and unwanted clothing and textiles.  She deconstructs and recreates them as functional and non-functional quilts and unstructured wearables.  She primarily works in reclaimed

linen and cotton.  

Eco-Textile Artist


Brianne is a freelance artist and painter with over 25 years of experience. Her work explores bold use of color and light to evoke a sense of presence and most recently her paintings were commissioned for a limited-edition artist snowboard by Gilson American snowboard & ski company. She enjoys teaching a variety of art to kids and adults of all skill levels and has offered classes for The Arts Underground and the Lewisburg Children's Museum. For a look at more of her work, visit



Shawn has been drawing since his mother gave him a crayon and a blank sheet of paper when he was three. He hasn't stopped since. Shawn studied music and visual art at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and is a self-published comic creator and inker.



Beverley is an artist, writer, and musician best known in central Pennsylvania for playing the fiddle. She worked as a street artist in Rochester, NY before meeting her husband in NYC and moving to Selinsgrove. She is a published author and illustrator of several books. She has done many commissioned portraits in pastel and oil, two of which hang in the Joseph Priestly House in Northumberland, PA. Conrad is currently working on a series of one hundred art works depicting a dead fly. Her books and music are available on Amazon as well at



Jon is currently working on foam weaponry and computer interaction requirements for gaming/role-playing.

Foam Fabricator


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Manda's work includes painting, sculpting and cosplay/costume design, as well as performance art and freelance modeling. She's always loved the arts and is especially passionate about animals and nature (her big inspirations!). 

Painter / Performer


Since 1968, the Lewisburg Arts Council (LAC) has felt that the Arts bring life to life in Lewisburg! We continue to support and showcase the ARTS in our community.

The Lewisburg Arts Council has as its mission to encourage and advance visual and performing arts in the Lewisburg area. We are committed to supporting local artists and providing opportunities for the residents of our community to view and participate in a variety of artistic programs.





Multi-Media Artist

Chrissy is a multimedia artist who focuses on abstraction through impetuous, raw, intuitive movement.  She also creates experimental custom snowboards for Gilson Snow, a local PA company.  With punk and psyche-delic art influences, she incorporates her love for flow arts into what she would best describe as ‘slinging brains’ with a brush and pen.