Thank you for your support!

If you are here, then you most likely know that Jessica Paquin had been fiercely battling an aggressive form of colon cancer since she was diagnosed in December of 2015.  Recently the decision had been made to cease chemotherapy treatments and instead receive palliative care at home. On December 20th, at 3:58am, Jessica passed away due to complications from the disease. She was home, comfortable, and in the loving care of her partner Steve Gibson and her sister Jennifer Adams. She was 42 years old.


Many of you have asked if there is anything that you can do and it turns out that there is a way you can help.

In addition to fighting cancer, she was also struggling with the financial strain a cancer diagnosis brings. Although Jessica had health insurance, the out-of-pocket expenses, to this point, are staggering.  Her family could use assistance covering her astronomical medical bills and related expenses.

We (with Jessica's approval) created this important page with a beginning goal of raising $15,000 (though any gift is appreciated). This will not cover all of her bills but it would be a great start.  We hope that you can help, knowing that Jessica's family would be grateful beyond words for your generosity.


All donations are being managed by Steve Gibson on her behalf.

We thank you.

Our deepest thanks to our family and friends who have generously donated to this important cause. We love you all.

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